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I Am

Kwadwo Peprah.

Strongly influenced by abstract expressionism, my visual approach to paintings explores an endless meandering of lines that lends to my exploration of the more nuanced understanding of society's most complex issues. 

I am a Ghanaian contemporary artist whose art adopts elements of composition such as symmetry and repetition. This creates figures that emanate a sense of familiarity and emotion connecting to my cultural landscape. 

My abstract cubist style employs a conceptual postmodernist approach that pulls inspiration from African masks. I graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) after studying Integrated Rural Arts and Industry, which is when I first encountered the cultural significance of African masks. Through working with leather to build up various styles of the masks, I began breaking down the different elements that make up a mask and re-engineered the aesthetic elements of this ancient African craft for my own practice.

Balancing between clean lines, pops of vibrant colours and heavy shading, my
paintings and drawings are expressions of their own. They invoke curiosity and exploration
as viewers are pulled to discover what familiar symbols they can draw out. Inspired by
artists like Yayoi Kusama, Ghanaian contemporary artist Serge Attukwei Clottey and
Basquiat, my style firmly stands in the realm of abstract expressionism. However, my
own unique language and twist on African masks exudes a simple yet surprising depth to my
works, which draws my audience further into my world.

My background in graphic, streetwear and merchandise design also plays an important role in my creative process. My colour compositions are well thought out and exude a clear understanding of color and style. Through this visual language, I communicate stories of folklore, common sayings
and situations that he and to an extent his society finds themselves facing through life. Topics such as the pursuit of wealth, concepts of masculinity and companionship all find space within my vast universe of lines and color.


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about my work

Find out more
about my work
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