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Kwadwo Peprah

 Contemporary Artist.


My art is a form of documentation and communication. Like the ancient Egyptians who used figurative drawings and hieroglyphics to communicate and document history, I paint these figures to speak about the world. My paintings represent me, they represent emotion, they represent society, they represent culture, they represent livelihood. They are an act of documenting the present, reflecting on the past - and projecting the future.



3 Decades Around the Sun
The Foundation for Contemporary Art - March 2023

Between the Lines 
Bondai, Accra - May 2021

In 3 Decades Around the Sun, artists Awo Tsegah, Kwadwo Peprah, and Kwame Kyei circulate themes of Ghanaian national identity, protest, proverbial wisdom, and popular culture. The work of each artist draws from their individual practices and yet speaks intimately to one another. 

This exhibition is a result of a partnership between Kwadwo Peprah and Bôndai, an upscale restaurant and event space located in Osu. A substantial percentage of sales proceeds will fund art education, school renovations and other charitable interests across Ghana.

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